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February 10, 2011

Elements and Principles Assignment

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First computer art assignment!

Mission: Create two designs that demonstrate an Element and a Principle using Adobe Photoshop Elements.

Assigned Element: Line

The element chosen for me is “line”. Line, by definition, is “a continuous extent of length, straight or curved, without breadth or thickness” ( Line has many forms, it can be very diversed or it can be very literal. In my creation, I have some lines obvious and some not so obvious. The main black streak of line is very bold, and curved. The stars that surround the black is also a line; it is a curved line composed of a shape, which is the star. The bottom of the black line are blue lines that have different values. They represent water and the dot, an extension of the black line, represents a water droplet. In the white background, there is actually a line that goes wild and is quite chaotic. It is hidden, but it exists and has a play on colour (white on white). This piece of work is very diversed because it contains other elements of design (such as stars for shape, value for the bottom, blue for colour), so people might be confused of what the element is, but I think it is quite obvious that it is mainly composed of lines.

Assigned Principle: Variety´╗┐

The Principle chosen is variety. Variety, by definition, is “the state of being diversified composed of a number of different types of things that are in the same general category” ( In this composition that I have made, there is a variety of elements. For the foreground, I have chosen leaves as my icons, but even if they’re leaves, they are diversed. In each leaf, there is a different element: the biggest leaf has lines and the shades of black and white, the second leaf has a rough texture of dry land, the third leaf has various shapes, the fourth leaf has many different colours, and the fifth leaf has value from a darker red to a lighter red. The background also demonstrates value (from black to white) and intersecting lines. Variety is a principle that is not constantly mentioned because it is so diversed. I think that I have made this composition with enough diversity, the only problem is that the background is value and so is the fifth leaf, so it might mislead people. But overall, I think that this composition is varied.

(c)Angela Chiu Feb 10, 2011


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  1. Woahhhh so cool!!! D=
    btw, u hav a typo in “line” paragraph, last sentence.. x)

    Comment by nadia11computerartym — February 11, 2011 @ 2:56 am

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