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February 25, 2011

Hybrid: Step 1 Development

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Step One Development
1. What does Hybrid mean to mean?
Hybrid is a mix of two or more things, can be animals, words, people, etc.

2. Hybrid species that I know:
Liger (Lion+Tiger), Grizzly Polar (Polar Bear+Brown Bear), Cama (Camel+Llama)
Mermaid (Human+Fish), Minotaur (Human+Bull), Centaur (Human+Horse)

3. My hybrid
My hybrid would be a mix of two of my favourite things. I would mix two biological creatures that are in different kingdoms, such as one in kingdom animalia and one in kingdom plantae, then create a new type of unique species. For the plant, I would create a hybrid of a plant, dandelion and an animal puppy because they are my favourite.



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