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March 30, 2011

TAKE A STAND!! (Step 2)

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Thinness- and female unhappiness -is big business
By Katrina Onstad
Published Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010 12:01AM EST

“Princesses – always in need of rescue, always impossibly thin – seem to be everywhere these days.”
Celebrities in movies and fashion magazines look skinnier and skinner. To achieve and maintain their gauntness, they starve themselves, only eating little of the calories and nutrients needed daily; this is also known as anorexia nervosa. It is, of course, harmful physically and emotionally. “Every few years, a model dies of anorexia”. It seems like the solution to problems relating to looking beautiful is to become skinnier. As the Dove Campaign for Real Beauty prove one simple rule: “thinner”. Fat is ordinary, but ordinary is no where close to a celebrity. Young girls who want to look as “pretty” as celebraties suffer from anorexia as well. In 2002, Health Canada servey showed that 28% Grade 9 girls and 29% Grade 10 girls are involved in weight-loss activities. A British research also showed that more females are suffering from anxiety and lowered self-esteem from weight concerns. The author is trying to explain that celebrities and media are a huge factor for anorexia happening amongst people. It’s not a good thing to be anorexic because many have died from malnutrition, but because of stereotypes and media, this “fad” is still taking place.


The women willing to trade a year of their life for a perfect body
By Fiona Macrae
Published 8:43 AM on 31st March 2011

“The message we get from the fashion industry is that you have to be thin to be loved.”-Karine Berthou. 1/3 female students in British universities aged 18 to 65 are willing to sacrafice their life for an “ideal figure”. Women of all ages are feeliong insecure about their appearance and weight. 16% of those who participated in the poll said that they would swap a year of their life to have an ideal body and 10% said they are willing to trade for 2 to 5 years. With appearance being valued more, friends, family and academic success all became less significant. 78% of the university students who participated in the survey said they would like ot lose weight even though 78% are already normal or underweight. This showed how important appearance is to women and that body weight and shape is not a measure of only beauty, but also a factor of their success in life. The founder of Succeed Foundation, Karine Berthou, who has suffered from anorexia and bulimia in the past, said tha the fasion industry puts too much pressure on the “ideal figure”, in other words, “stick-thin”. She said “There are no rules in terms of size. We shouldn’t focus on size, it is not an important element of life.” This article expressed how size and appearance is not the most important element of life, so why are people caring so much about it. No matter what age people are, they always seemed to care about weight and shape. Everyone is trying to achieve for the “ideal figure” although it is not necessarily a good thing to do. However, having the “ideal figure” is often what determines a success of an individual.

Weight matters in showbiz
By Lim Wey Wen
Publuished Sunday, February 24, 2008

An actress in Hong Kong by the name of Myolie Wu gained 25kg for a drama series yet, within 2 months, she lost all the weight that she gained in a snap. By the height of 170cm, she is only 46kg in her “normal size”. Experts say that it’s extremely harmful when one lose or gain weight in a short amount of time. Many Oscar-winning actresses double or half their size to place the role, but they immediately resume to their “normal size”. This type of diet is harmful to the body and it may send the wrong message to the audience. “Rapid weight loss typically leads to rapid weight gain,” Dr.John Foreyt says, “The bulk of research shows that they’re short-term fixes, and when you go off the diet, you return to old habits.” “If you gain and lose weight rapidly like a yo-yo, you are also subjecting your body to massive (and undue) stress” said consultant dietitian Mary Easaw-John. Not only does it damage the body physically, but emotionally as well because losing weight needs lots of self-control, brain-washing, and a repetitive life style. It’s even harder to lose weight when some factors that affect weight cannot be controlled. As health psychologist Dr Hera Lukman said, “body weight is dependent on a dynamic interaction between biological, psychological and social factors (also known as biopsychosocial factors)”. If weight-loss is unsuccessful, it will lead to failure in self-esteem. Although being overweight is the majority and should not be a reason for low self-esteem, it isn’t considered as a “good thing” because of the stereotype that slim and good-looking individuals are the ones successful. This article focuses on the facts of losing weight being extremely harmful to the body in many ways and that one should not rapidly lose or gain weight. It also states that stereotypes affect people’s minds a lot even when everyone knows that it is not necessarily a good thing.


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