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April 30, 2011

Famous Lines (Step 5)

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Recreation with line art:

Line art of Jay Chou:

Line art of Leeteuk:


April 29, 2011

Famous Lines (Step 4)

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Photos of 2 people:

Photo of Jay Chou:

Photo of Leeteuk:

April 27, 2011

Famous Lines (Step 2-3)

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10 People I would aspire to be like…
-ZhuGe Liang (Kong Ming)
ZhuGe Liang is a hero of the “Three Kingdoms” Era of China. As a strategist, he is very intelligent and full of leadership skills. Although he is a strategist, he is royal and trustworthy to his master, Liu Bei.

-Guan Yu
Guan Yu, also a hero in the “Three Kingdoms” Era is a fighter who is nothing but royal and trustworthy. He impressed the enemy kingdom’s leader, Cao Cao because of these qualities. He is also very sympathetic, forgiving, and caring towards others, even his enemies. That’s why he was the most popular of all the Dynasty heros and he earned lots of respect from both friends and enemies.

-Gandhi (Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi)
Gandhi is known for his satyagraha movement, which is a non-violent protest. He is a great leader who is not afraid of threat, which means he is brave. He cares about his nation and citizens of the Middle East.

-Terry Fox
Terry Fox was a young man who suffered from cancer, yet, he faced this fact bravely and helped the others who have suffered cancer as well. He started a movement in Canada and showed his leadership.

-Hillary Clinton (Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton)
Hillary Clinton is currently the 67th United States Secretary of State and she was the First Lady of United States from 1993 to2001. Clinton is a role model for many women, and she proved that not only men can be successful in ruling a nation. As a leader, she cares about people, she is open-minded towards new ideas suggested by different political parties, she is also very intelligent and makes right decisions for the nation.

-Oprah Winfrey
Oprah Winfrey is a famous American television host. Her show, “The Oprah Winfrey Show” made a huge impact on American society because she broke the stereotype for both a race and a gender. Her intelligence and humour are what made her successful. Also, her open-mindedness towards various topics and creativity of the show are the reasons for this show’s success, which is now crowned as the “the highest-rated program of its kind in history”.

-Pink (Alecia Beth Moore)
Pink is unique in many ways; Her style and creativity made her popular in the music industry as well as pop-culture today. Many disliked her “unique style”, but as confident as she is, she was not affected by these negative comments and carried on with her career.

-Jay Chou
Jay Chou is the most popular singer in East Asia. Jay Chou’s popularity is based on his talents of composing songs, writing lyrics, directing movies, and acting. He does a variety of things and this is because of his open-mindedness and creativity towards many subjects. He is also very intelligent because he is able to react to situations really quickly. He is very fair and caring because he donate lots of money when disasters happen no matter where it is such as the Si-Chuan Earthquake, Taiwan’s 911 Earthdquake, and Japan’s Tsunami/Earthquake; each donation he made is over 1,000,000 NT. His sense of humour and leadership also made him a successful host for his own show.

-Leeteuk (Park Jun Soo)
Leeteuk is a leader of the most popular Korean boyband right now, Super Junior. He is a soft man, but he is full of leadership. Super Junior, as a 13-member boy band can be hard to control, yet he is able to take care of problems that occur. The members don’t complain much about him because he is a caring, open-minded, fair, and forgiving man. On variety shows, his humour and creativity made him more popular than ever. He also hosted many shows showing his talents with being spontaneous while talking and responding to different situations.

-Nigahiga (Ryan Higa)
Nigahiga, was crowned the number one YouTube star with 3.4 million subscribers. He started off as a normal Japanese-American who stayed home making videos with his friends, but now, every video of his have at least 1 billion views. The reason for his success in this cyber community is humour and creativity. Every video is funny, but while doing so, he is honest about sensitive topics such as race, stereotypes, pop-culture, fad, etc. In March 2011, the disasters happened in Japan occured. Ryan Higa posted a video of him supporting Japan by donating a large amount of money showing his caring, generous side.

-H.O.T. (High-five of Teeagers) *Korean band
H.O.T was a popular Korean Boyband debuted in 1996 and disbanded in 2001. H.O.T made a huge impact of Korean Popular Culture and was the first Korean Boyband to go into Chinese and Taiwanese market. They were popular because of the variety and creative looks, but they were also caring for many different groups of people. Their songs are directing towards sensitive subjects such as domestic violence, teenage disputes, rebels, war, supressed children, etc. They also made many donations during concerts to these groups of people that are often ignored by majority of the population which expressed generosity.

-Hua MuLan (Chinese Legend)
-Kyle Brofloski (South Park)

Famous Lines (Step 1)

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10 Qualities/Characteristics which I admire in a person…
-Strong Leadership Skills

April 19, 2011

TAKE A STAND!! (Step 6) Extra

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April 15, 2011

TAKE A STAND!! (Step 6)

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Title: Lose this, Lose that


April 14, 2011

TAKE A STAND!! (Step 3)

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Title: No Anorexia
Date: September 2007
Photographer: Oliviero Toscani
This photo is taken as a campaign that fights against anorexia.

“Thinness leads to death and it is anything but beautiful.” (Isabelle Caro)

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