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May 9, 2011

Reflection of Myself! (Extra)

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These are other attempts of creating this assignment.


Reflection of Myself!

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For this assignment, I tried a wide range of styles and this is what I believed to be the best one. First, I used the cookie cutter tool to cut the zoom piece into 4 circular swirls. Then, I put the line art of my face on the top swirl with the colour white because it seems more emphasized and the white colour from the largest silhouette leads to this line art. The white silhouette is filled with a pattern cut-out from Google. It is emphasized with its brightness while everything else is a dark colour (e.g. the black shadow, the purple background, and the purple theme). Lastly, the purple silhouette is actually three silhouettes combined together and I filled it with a purple pattern I found on Google. The emphasis is on the white silhouette and it leads the eye to the top left corner.


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