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January 16, 2012

Diverse Origins

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Photos used in background (not taken by me):

Q: Explain the process behind your artpiece. How did you narrow down the images you chose to use? How did you come to the decisions you did in regards to the images you chose to use, the colours, layout and other elements and principles of design.

This assignment is about expressing oneself, so the images that I’ve used represent who I am, whom I love, and what represent me.
Process: What I did was choosing the dominant photo first, which is the photo of me on the right panel of the triptych. This dominant photo brings a base to the colour theme that I’ll focus on (blue and white), and highlights (red). Then I started selecting pictures which I want on this piece. Most importantly, I play around with the composition a lot so that I know which one has a better effect. I don’t want to cluster too much together since I already have one main focus on the right, so I made the rest of the photos subtle. More importantly, the photos need to harmonize with the colour theme and they need unify. That’s why the photos on the left panel are in the colour blue and filtered with the stamp filter. The last touch-ups are the brushes, they are very faint and almost blend in completely.
Images: To narrow down the images I use, I simply follow 3 steps: collect, choose, paste. I fist collect many photos that I think which represents me, then I have to choose ones that has a strong emotional impact for me. The large photo of me that is emphasized by the colour red and the bright and contrasted colours. It is a photo that represent my Chinese descent and how I appreciate Chinese culture and its beauty in terms of costume and performance art. The map of Taiwan represents how Taiwan is where I was born and grew up in; it is where my childhood memories stay. The piano’s keyboard represents what I’ve been playing since I was 3 years old. The “Dragon-Tiger Towers” in Kaohsiung is where I visit frequently during school field trips or sight-seeing. The “Emerald Mountain” is the highest mountain of Taiwan, it’s a place where I’ve always wanted to go, yet I never got the chance to. It’s where the Aboriginals live and it’s a beautiful place with an undamaged natural view. These three photos (minus the keyboard) blend in as the background and has little emphasis, but it brings unity in colour. The keyboard is in the foreground because it has a steady rhythm and repetition of black and white, which leads the eye from the middle panel to the left panel. The Plum blossom frames the triptych, which lead the eyes and they repeat throughout the three panels (with the whole stem and petals). It is the national flower of Taiwan, my country. I chose this as the border because the pink is soft, and it brings balance to the dominant colours of blue and red. There is variation in size for every flower, so it brings interest.
Brushstrokes: The brushstrokes are really faint and blend in with the background. They add depth (layers) to the piece, also, the fading effect on the edges brings focus into the triptych. It not only makes it more visually appealing, but it also represents who I am as a person since I love to paint, so the brushstroke I used look like paint on a pallet and real brushstrokes. The wing is also drawn with brush and it represents how I got my name, “Angela”, which originated from my nickname, “Angel”. It’s in the colour white and stands out among the blue in the background.

Q: What do you think worked in your art piece? Why do you think it worked? What would you change if you could? Overall how successful do you think your art work is at representing yourself? Explain your answers.

I think what made my art piece appealing is the unity in colour theme that is constant throughout the panels. Each panel look fine on its own as an individual, yet when they’re all put together, they make one whole piece and there’s no disconnection between the pieces, which I thought was magical and it’s fine because of the colour theme. I also think there’s a good balance between dominance and passiveness between the photos. It worked because the emphasis is clear, but each component can be seen clearly when looked closely. The framework and direction of gesture and objects also lead eyes around the whole piece.
To be honest, I am quite satisfied with this piece of work, however, if I could change it, I would try a different filter on my family members and rearrange the components to see how it looks like, or change the colour theme to, let’s say, red instead of blue to see how it looks like.
I think this piece represents Chinese side of me that appreciates my won culture and its beauty, but I don’t think that it represents all of me because there are many sides to me. I think it’d be too much if I put everything I like and care about into the composition, so I want to keep it basic. My basic wants are: health, family, togetherness, and art, which are all represented by this piece.


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