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January 18, 2012

Surrealism: subconscious

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Miro – “Carnival of Harlequin”

This piece is surreal because there are elements of suprise. First of all, it has many familiar objects that can be seen in everyday life, yet there are sujects in the piece that cannot be recognized or abstracted. For example, one can easily recognize the music notes and violin, but the person holding these are abstracted and surreal. Also, there is a large hand that can be recognized, but it doesn’t have an arm to support it, instead, it’s coming from a line, which started in open space. The title suggest that it is a carnival of harlequin, so one can presumpt the human characters, who are abstracted (such as the one holding the violin with a clown-hat liked figure, the two descending from the ladder, one with horn which leashes the cat, etc.) These characters represent something in real life, yet they look nothing like what they represent. That is the element of suprise and that is what makes it a surrealist painting.

Magritte – “La Condition Humaine”
La condition humaine
“La Condition Humaine” is surreal because it represents the reality that is not real. In the composition, there is a painting, and the painting blends in with the background (the scenery of the outside). The scenery is in the background, yet the painting is in the foreground, but it appears to be ron the same plain because they blend in. The element of suprise is the illusion that the painting is a part of the background, but it actually isn’t, so it gives the audiences the shock. It plays with the audiences’ mind and alter their preception of space and plane (what is in the forground/cloaser and what is in the background). It seems like they are within one space, but they’re not, that is the surrealist concept.

Salvador Dali – “The City of the Drawers”
The City of the Drawers
Salvador Dali’s sketch, “The City of the Drawers” is a surrealist artpiece because it tests the psychology of the audiences by challenging their preception of reality. In the piece, there is a obvious figure of a women’s body, but instead of flesh and blood, the body is composed of drawers. The drawers are of different forms and shapes that is porportional to those parts of a woman’s body, so it is interesting and a shock to the audiences because having drawers as a part of body is not the reality, yet it seems realist and possible. In the background, there is a road of houses and people walking like a city, and the woman’s body is in the foreground. This represents the idea that women are looked down upon by the society. Although they seem like they need desperate help, no one is willing to grab her hand and help her up. They are like objects/drawers, where people abuse and throw them out after they’re old or damaged. Using art to deliver ideas with an indirect way is also the surrealist concept.


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