Angela's Digital Sketchbook

January 23, 2012


Filed under: Assignments — Angela @ 6:07 pm

This artpiece represents my dream. There are many elements that appear repeatedly in my dreams: elecator, gears, and death. I seem to always die in the dreams that I remember, if not, I am being chased or watched or waited upon, like they are suspecting me in some nasty way. I see blood, and I feel pain and uneasiness when I wake up. Usually, my dreams are in the colour theme of dirt and yellowish-brown.
My first nightmare that I remember really well was when I was about 5 years old when I repeatedly have a dream about gears appearing and rotating. It makes me uneasy because mechanical things scare me. I also was eating a piece of candy before I see the gears, then I started to cry in my dream and when I woke up, I had tears around my eyes too. Elevators appear a lot in my dreams as well because when I was young, my sister was trapped in an elevator before, this probably worried me and traumatized me because after that, I had a dream about my sister being trapped inside an elevator again. Recently, I had a dream about me going on an eleventh floor where people were expecting me in an uncomfortable way, which is also related to elevators.
The blood and dirty fingers represent deaths and killings in my dreams where people are killed brutally. It also represents counting up and down because I would look at the time and count how long I’ve slept after I wake up from shock and the fingers also kind of represent the hands of the clock.


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